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180 kW Triton Diesel Generator Set - UL2200

180 kW Triton Diesel Generator Set - UL2200

SKU: TP-I180-T3-60-UL

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Iveco Generator Engine

Model# NEF67 TE2X


This Iveco engine comes as a 6.7 litre, turbo charged, after cooled, 6 cylinder. These diesel units ensure clean rapid starting in all conditions with impressive performance and low operating costs. This diesel motor has been manufactured to comply with UL2200, EU and EPA emissions regulations. Iveco diesel motors are economic with  durable operation at prime and standby duties required by the power generation industry.

Stamford Alternator

3 Phase Rating

60 Hz Power Rating:

Standby Power Rating:    225 kVA / 180 kW

Prime Power Rating:  200 kVA / 160 kW

Voltages available:

277/480 Volt - Price as seen above

120/208 Volt - Option Available for an Additional Inquire

Mainline Circuit Breaker – UL approved

Deep Sea Control Panel

Model # DSE7310

The DSE7310 is a control module for single gen-set applications. The module incorporates a number of advanced features to meet the most demanding on-site applications. The DSE7310 is an Automatic Start Control Module designed to start and stop diesel and gas generating sets that include electronic and non-electronic engines. The module includes USB, RS232 and RS485 ports as well as dedicated DSENet® terminals for expansion device connectivity. The modules are simple to operate and feature a simple menu layout for improved clarity. Enhanced features include a real time clock for enhanced event and performance monitoring, Ethernet communications for low cost monitoring, dual mutual standby to reduce engine wear and tear, and preventative maintenance features to detect engine part faults prior to a major problem occurring.

Sound Attenuated Enclosure Available For An Additional: Inquire



The enclosures are fully powder coated to prevent rust and deterioration from weather elements. They also provide full sound insulation and are wind load certified for up to 180mph.


The canopies come with folding or sliding doors for easy equipment inspection and maintenance.  Air access vents and exhaust areas to assist with voiding enclosure of gas accumulation.  Drainage system in place to avoid liquid accumulation

100 Gallon Sub-Base Fuel Tank

Suggested Option Available For An Additional:  Inquire

Triton's sub-base diesel fuel tank has an integral steel dike intended to contain liquids from tank leak or rupture. The dike has integral protection on the top to prevent precipitation, debris or other elements from entering the diked area. Each closed top diked generator sub-base fuel tank is manufactured to comply with U.L 142 specifications.

  • Double Walled
  • U.L. 142 Specifications
  • Weight: 1995lbs

Trailer (Optional)

Custom designed trailers designed to specifications of generator by weights and sizes available for an additional fee.



The machines are equipped with monitoring system, helping monitor the operation at real time.


  • The radiator and high-voltage parts are guarded to avoid accidents caused by touch.
  • Anti-vibration rubber mounts are installed in the two sides of the doors to avoid damage to the machines when open the doors.
  • Maintenance alarm with reset button for unfailing power generation preservation.


  • Constructed with reputable name brand engine epitomizing reliability and dependability
  • Reduced noise and low emission.
  • Rigid skid mounted structure ensures lowest vibration.
  • Steel wire reinforced, high pressure fuel line with compression fittings.



  • Micro-processor cored digital system.
  • Multiple languages for option, automatic control.
  • Connected with mains through ATS, which can help realize automatic transfer between the mains and the generators.


  • Terminal connection lugs (L1, L2, L3, and LN) make connection and wiring more simple and well-ordered.
  • Emergency stop provides convenient operation in emergent situation and when servicing.

Specifications may vary. Confirm full specs prior to ordering.

1 Year / 1,000 Hour Limited Warranty - (Whichever comes first)
Automatic Starting System - (to work with Automatic Transfer Switch)
Battery Charging Alternator
Critical Muffler Included on Enclosed Units - Available as Option on Open Units
Factory Loadbank Tested
Skid Mounted
Generator Type: - Diesel
3 Phase
Digital Control Panel
Sound Attenuated Weather Proof Enclosure - Available as Option on Open Units
EPA Certified
U.L. 2200


Known for its advanced engineering and  technology, Iveco has become synonymous with high-performance diesel engines.  Businesses that call for backup power have trusted Triton diesel generators with  their needs for several decades, and the present is no different.

If you are interested in purchasing a generator with a Iveco diesel engine, contact one of our associates at 800-434-0003.

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Triton Generators is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of industrial diesel generator sets from 10 to 2500 kW.


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