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15 kW Stamford Newage Alternator
15 kW Stamford Newage Alternator15 kW Stamford Newage Alternator

15 kW Stamford Newage Alternator

SKU: TP-S15-PI044G

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15 kW Stamford Alternator

Model# PI044G

The most recent design of Stamford generator ends are the P0 and P1 which cover, 7.5 to 42.5kVA at 50Hz and 9.4 to 55 kVA at 60Hz in 12 core lengths.

Stamford Newage Automatic Voltage Regulator

Model# AS480

The AS480 is a half wave phase controlled AVR which forms part of the excitation system of the brushless generator. The design employs Surface Mount Technology (SMT), custom mouldings and heatsinks to produce a compact AVR assembly.  The AVR also incorporates an interface to the optional Excitation Boost System (EBS) for use where short circuit current maintenance is required.


Improved Rating Alignment

  • There are 12 P0/P1 ratings, increasing the probability of engine node matches

Enhanced Performance

  • Improved motor starting and short circuit maintenance
  • Optional Excitation Boost System (EBS)

Reduced Operational Cost

  • Reduced generator assembly time

Easier Service and Maintenance

  • EBS fitted and exchangeable without disturbing the core
  • AVR plug and play
  • Diodes are accessible without removing the rotor

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Specifications may vary. Confirm full specs prior to ordering.

AS480 Voltage Regulator
Voltage Regulation ± 1.0 %
Stator Winding - Double Layer Concentric
Winding Pitch - Two Thirds
Winding Leads - 12
Winding 311
Insulation System - Class H
Rated Power Factor 0.8 @ 60Hz


Stamford Newage alternators are well known for their enhanced performance and rugged reliability. This line of generator ends is recognized for their quality and versatility around the world.  Stamford's reputable designs provide the highest standards in manufacturing, and allow dependable power generation.

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