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Deep Sea Auto Start Panel - DSE7410
Deep Sea Auto Start Panel - DSE7410Deep Sea Auto Start Panel - DSE7410

Deep Sea Auto Start Panel - DSE7410

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Deep Sea Auto Start Panel

  • Configurable inputs (11)
  • Configurable outputs (8)
  • Voltage measurement
  • Dedicated load test button
  • kW overload alarms
  • Comprehensive electrical protection
  • RS232, RS485 & Ethernet remote communications
  • Modbus RTU/TCP
  • PLC functionality
  • Multi event exercise timer
  • Back-lit LCD 4-line text display
  • Multiple display languages
  • Automatic start/Manual start
  • Audible alarm
  • Fixed and flexible LED indicators
  • Event log (250)
  • Engine protection
  • Fault condition notification to a designated PC
  • Front panel mounting
  • Protected front panel programming
  • Configurable alarms and timers
  • Configurable start and stop timers
  • Five key menu navigation
  • Front panel editing with PIN protection
  • 3 configurable maintenance alarms
  • CAN and Magnetic Pick-up/Alt. sensing
  • Fuel usage monitor and low fuel alarms
  • Charge alternator failure alarm
  • Manual speed control (on compatible CAN engines)
  • Manual fuel pump control
  • "Protections disabled” feature
  • Reverse power protection
  • Power monitoring (kW h, kV Ar, kV A h, kV Ar h)
  • Load switching (load shedding and dummy load outputs)
  • Unbalanced load protection
  • Independent Earth Fault trip
  • Fully configurable via DSE Configuration Suite PC software
  • Configurable display languages
  • Remote SCADA monitoring via DSE Configuration Suite PC software
  • Advanced SMS messaging (additional external modem required)
  • Start & stop capability via SMS messaging
  • Additional display screens to help with modem diagnostics
  • DSENet® expansion compatible
  • Integral PLC editor

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The Deep Sea Control Panel is an user friendly controller designed to work seamlessly with Triton diesel generators. Control Panels range from models which manually switch mains, use remote control features or high end models, allowing full synchronization of multiple sets.  These controllers are one of the options available to assist with switching mains and monitoring your generators state.  You can customize your generator with one of the many control panel series available at Americas Generators.

The Brand

The Triton solution is more than the industry's highest quality generators.  It's a complete package that includes fuel tanks, compatible switches, trailers and other accessories.  That is how our business helps power your business.

We will assist with all your technical questions and service needs.  Contact us today!


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