Your generator set is a valuable resource that provides a dependable emergency power to your business when power from the utility grid is suddenly lost, or power is not available in your environment. In the event of a power failure you want to have peace of mind that your backup power supply will spring into action seamlessly on a moment's notice. But what happens when the power goes out and your generator fails function as expected? The result can often be costly and sometimes catastrophic depending upon your application. This is the reason generator load bank testing is an essential part of Triton Powers testing protocols, and should be part of your unit's preventative maintenance program.  Load bank testing helps to ensure that your generator will be dependable, operational, as well as completely capable of providing the rated  load it may be required to handle at any critical point in time.

What is Generator Load Bank Testing?

Load Banks are electrical devices that are temporarily wired into a generators AC voltage output. Load is applied to the generator through switches that are calibrated to produce specific Kilowatt (Kw) output.  This allows the operator to apply specific load steps during the testing process to match the generators rated capacity. A load bank test ensures that your generator will run property when it's needed so that you can depend on its proper operation during an actual emergency situation. The key to a proper load bank test is that your generator operates and maintains its full kilowatt (kW) output rating.  Most generators do not  operate at their full kW rating during their routine exercising.  It is especially important that you verify your generator can actually produce the highest possible horsepower that may be called upon to produce. Only through this type of testing can you verify your units  proper operation of  recommended  temperature and pressure levels throughout the full range of operational status . Triton Power begins with a zero load and rotates through 25% intervals culminating in 100% load. The final step in the testing is application of 110% load to prove the units capability to safely handle overloads. 

Benefits of Load Bank Testing

Load Bank testing is a proving ground for generator operation. It simulates load on the product that would be experienced in actual field operation.  This test proves all systems (both mechanical and electrical) are 100% operational.  There are also multiple reasons gensets should undergo a load bank test on an annual basis, including the following:

* Verifies the gensets capabilities opposed to just routinely starting it up
* Preventive diagnosis of problems early on that can significantly reduce future expensive  issues
* Helps to avoid wet-stacking and cleans out carbon deposits
* Verifies the engine cooling systems will perform while under load
* Provides assurance that the generator will work properly when you require it


When a diesel engine powered generator is not used frequently, or is only run on light loads, it can be prone to experiencing unburned fuel and soot buildup in the exhaust system. This is called 'wet-stacking.' When wet-stacking occurs, the generator engine is likely to perform poorly, to endure damage, can become a fire hazard, and can even lead to complete engine failure. For more information on this condition contact info@Tritonpower.comDuring a load bank test, the generator is allowed to run at full power and full temperature. This will cause any wet-stacking to burn off. Hence, a load bank test actually serves two purposes: 1) it tests the generator to determine whether it will function properly and efficiently on all levels; and 2) it eliminates any wet-stacking that may have built up within the generator.

Triton Load Bank Testing

Triton Power performs a load bank test on every generator we manufacture. Upon successful completion of a load bank test we provide our customers with a Load Bank Report that contains a our comprehensive test results which includes both the mechanical and electrical aspects of your generator set. This testing leaves zero doubt your Triton will meet and exceed the Kilowatt ratings we specify them to produce.