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How Many Hours Does a Generator Last?

by 26. February 2019 04:56

The lifespan of a generator depends on a variety of factors. Regardless of the type of generator you need for your home or business, starting with a high-quality, brand name generator usually guarantees a longer useful lifetime. Performing preventative maintenance, scheduling regular exercise and using high-quality fluids (fuel, oil, etc.) will also extend your generator’s life expectancy.

Diesel Generator Lifespan

Diesel generators often last as many as 10,000 to 30,000 hours. Preventative maintenance on a regular basis, high-quality fuel and proper sizing for the predicted load can mean decades-long lifespans for standby diesel generators.

Regularly examining and cleaning components as part of your monthly and yearly maintenance extends the life of your genset. Preventative maintenance also includes oil changes, removing water from your fuel tank and replacing filters throughout your generator. A generator lasts longer when its power-producing capabilities match the needs of the building it’s powering. Too large and the generator’s life will be shorted by wet stacking and carbon buildup. Too small and the resulting strain on the generator’s components will reduce its life expectancy.

The useful life of your diesel generator may be shorter than the number of hours your genset is capable of operating. With changing technology and emissions regulations, retiring your diesel generator in favor of a newer, more efficient model could be worth the investment.

Portable Generator Lifespan

Diesel generators run at a lower RPM than portable gasoline generators or natural gas generators used in industrial and residential settings. This slower movement, as well as the relatively simple mechanics of diesel engines, means less wear and tear on diesel generator components. It is for this reason that diesel generators’ lifespans are significantly higher than gas generators.

A portable gas generator used for residential emergency power last about 2,000 to 3,000 hours. While this is considerably less than diesel generators’ 20,000 to 30,000 hours, these small generators are generally used far less each year and can have a decade-long lifespan.



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