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A Maintenance Checklist for Your Standby Generator

by 12. February 2019 04:45

In order for your generator to power your business when you need it to, you need to create a maintenance schedule that keeps your generator in good working condition. When you purchase your standby generator, there will be maintenance guidelines from the manufacturer in your owners’ manual. This should serve as a guide for your standby generator maintenance checklist.

Diesel generators that experience more frequent use will require more frequent servicing. If it’s essential your generator is reliable in emergency situations, you will need a strict maintenance plan. Depending on your industry, there may be government regulations that dictate your maintenance schedule.

Even if your facility does not need to regularly maintain or test its generator, you will want to perform maintenance before the time of year you’re most likely to need it. This may be hurricane season, winter months or the rainy season. Your manufacturer’s warranty is likely only valid if you regularly service your generator, giving you another reason to follow your genset’s maintenance checklist.

How to Maintain a Diesel Generator

Each time you service your generator, you should start with a visual inspection. Many problems, such as leaks, worn-out parts and dirt, can be uncovered with a quick daily or weekly look. After looking at each piece of your standby generator, complete the tasks outlined in your maintenance checklist.

Daily or Weekly

Your frequent maintenance will depend on how often you use your generator and how essential it is to have standby power. After completing a visual inspection:

  • Check fluid levels: coolant, oil and fuel
  • Run the generator and remedy any alerts


  • Inspect the battery and charging system
  • Check hoses and belts for wear
  • Remove water and sediment from the fuel tank
  • Run the generator and remedy any alerts

Every 6 Months

  • Change fluids and filters: oil, coolant, air, fuel
  • Check ignition and replace spark plugs
  • Run the generator and remedy any alerts


  • Recondition diesel fuel
  • Service external components, including alternator and transfer switch
  • Load test the generator and remedy any alerts

After any maintenance, clean the area around the generator, check the integrity of the generator enclosure and ensure the generator is set to “Auto” rather than “Off” so it can start automatically during a power outage.

Generator Maintenance Plan

There are a number of ways to ensure your standby generator is regularly maintained. You can track the maintenance schedule and tackle any checklist items with an on-site technician. Or, you can opt for a full-service maintenance plan with the dealer you purchased your generator from (or another company certified by the manufacturer).


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