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Prepare for Summer Power Outages

by 2. June 2017 23:33

After the cold of winter, summer is finally approaching. Temperatures will climb, the sun will beat down, and millions of Americans will be cranking up their air conditioning to counteract the heat. Higher-than-normal consumption of electricity could overload the grids, resulting in power outages.

 Prepare for Summer Power Outages

The potential for power outages during summer has plenty of repercussions. Lives and property could be at risk. Thus, it is essential to be prepared for any impending or potential power outage this summer.

Preparation can help mitigate the negative effects of power outages. The following advance measures could help cushion the impact of a power outage:

  • Invest in an electric generator – Generators can keep things ticking in the event of a power outage. Electric generators provide supply to power the essential appliances and gadgets in homes or business establishments. A typical generator provides at least 2,000 watts of power, enough to keep your air conditioner, refrigerator, and maybe even a couple other appliances running. Businesses require bigger generators than homes do.
  • Make a plan for food – The next concern of homeowners during a power outage is how their frozen food will fare. A freezer full of food will usually still be fine after 24 hours, as long as the doors of the freezer remain shut. After that, it could get dicey. Keep coolers on hand so that in the event of an extended power outage, you can purchase ice and keep frozen things inside. You can also start eating the food items. If you’re dealing with raw meat, though, you’ll need something to cook with. A backyard grill or camp stove will work.
  • Keep emergency water on hand – City dwellers may be able to keep their water supply flowing without any trouble, even during outage times. On the other hand, people living outside the city who get their water from wells will likely have problems drawing water when there is no electricity. Every family should have an emergency water supply just in case. Keeping a gallon of water per person is a smart move. Families should stock up on even more water once they hear an announcement about severe weather coming their way.

A few preparations now can help you survive much more comfortably in the event of a summer power outage.



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