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EPA-Certified Diesel Generators

by 17. April 2017 20:27

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires diesel-fueled generator sets sold after January 1, 2011, to be Tier 4 certified. The certification affects non-emergency and emergency generator use differently.  For example, non-emergency use of generators should be limited to 100 hours per year for maintenance and exercise. Owners and operators of non-emergency generators are required to keep records of all run-time hours, indicating the reason for and the duration of use. 

EPA-Certified Diesel Generators

Tier 4 certified generators have no run time restrictions as they can be used as backup power anytime they are needed. Owners of Tier 4-certified generators have a lot of flexibility to use their machines as needed.   

Tier 4-certified generators are targeted at environmentally-conscious customers. They use the best emissions-reduction technology available with the aim of diminishing the exhaust emissions to nearly zero levels.

Americas Generators has a complete lineup of EPA-certified Tier 4 diesel generators. They are ready to ship, complete with all the required EPA certifications. Diesel generators are perfect for commercial use. Power outages do not spare facilities such as hospitals, schools, airports, and emergency dispatch centers. Power interruption to these facilities could result in unimaginable damages that may compromise people’s lives. These entities need standby generators to provide continuous power, even when the regular electrical lines are not working.

Americas Generators carries famous brands such as Cummins, John Deere, Mitsubishi, Perkins, Volvo, and Yanmar. The Yanmar Generator Model #3TNV79-BGB is a system that uses a highly reliable Yanmar diesel engine with a compact brushless design. It features automatic output voltage regulation, which compensates for variations in load and temperature.

The 450 kW Perkins Diesel Generator is powered by a six-cylinder diesel engine for maximum efficiency, durability, and reliability. It is equipped with a zero-maintenance brushless alternator that provides uninterrupted electrical power whenever needed.

The John Deere Diesel Generator is equipped with an engine that was built in compliance with the industry’s highest standards, combining high performance, versatility, and reliability. This model lives up to the John Deere legacy of quality and innovation.

Americas Generators offers a wide selection of top-performing generators that will keep essential services up and running in times of need.  


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