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The Importance of Automatic Voltage Regulators

by 15. July 2016 13:09

If you’re new to diesel generators, you may ask what is the importance of an automatic voltage regulator? Automatic voltage regulators play an important role in operating a diesel generator set.

An automatic voltage regulator is a protection device. It controls all of the outputs of your diesel generator and regulates a uniform amount of voltage from the terminals of the alternator of the generator. They act as the main control switch of the output voltage of the connection of the load. In this manner, with the automatic voltage regulator turned on, any sudden surge of the load will not damage to your generator our power output destinations.

Automatic voltage regulators also play an important role in operating synchronous generator sets. It acts as a controller of the voltage output as it controls the excitation current it produces. In this case, automatic voltage regulators allow for more control of the total output of the generator set.


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