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Keep Your Diesel Generator Running During Summer Outages

by 1. July 2015 10:08


Weather, accidents, and storms can disrupt the electricity we are so used to having. Sometimes electricity flickers momentarily then comes back. Serious damage to power lines and the electrical grid can cause outages for days, or weeks. With the help of an Emergency Diesel Generator you can stay safe and comfortable during a power outage of any length.

When you use a Standby Diesel Generator, be sure it has been installed and wired properly. If improperly installed, a generator could cause dangerous conditions for the utility supplier's employees working to restore the power. Your generator could be damaged when the power is restored if a double throw disconnect is not used and properly installed.

For a smooth transition between the utility power and your Backup Diesel Generator is recommended to install a transfer switch. The switch transfers the power source from the commercial power supply company to the local generator or generators. Transfer switches are the only recognized safe alternative for connecting an electrical load to the generator for an entire house or business. They are available in manual and automatic forms with a wide range of Amp options to match your Emergency Diesel Generator.

Another great accessory for a Standby Diesel Generator is an additional fuel tank. Whether it is base mounted or remote, they provide an excellent way of storage for those needing a longer generator run time without refueling. It is also a wonderful ally during storms and hurricanes, when fuel supplies become scarce due to the increasing demand.

When choosing a fuel tank it is very important that they meet U.L. 142 guidelines and requirements,  are designed to prevent precipitation, debris and other elements from entering tanks and finished with a durable powder coat exterior to protect it from the elements.

At Triton Power we have the largest selection of transfer switches and fuel tanks to complement your Triton Diesel Generator. Contact one of our associates today at (800)434-0003 to learn about or selection of Diesel Generator Sets or accessories for your current unit.

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