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TPS051GT8 - Hotstart Tank Heater
TPS051GT8 - Hotstart Tank HeaterTPS051GT8 - Hotstart Tank Heater

TPS051GT8 - Hotstart Tank Heater

SKU: TPS051GT8-000
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Hotstart - TPS051GT8-000

TPS Small Tank Style Heater 

This plastic tank heater offers great tensile strength and resists corrosion.  The compact design is perfect for locations with minimal mounting space.  This model is available from 500 watt to 2000 watt for engines 150 CID to 700 CID.  The Hotstart TPS engine pre-heater comes with a built in thermometer and heats engines up to 12L displacement.  Thermosiphon circulation of the coolant delivers heat throughout the entire engine.

The TPS engine pre-heater is designed to pre-heat diesel and gas engines in a generator, heavy duty mobile equipment, marine and industrial applications. 


  • 120 Volts


  • 500 Watts

Thermostat Range On / Off

  • 80°F (27C) / 100°F (38C) 

150 CID Models Available

2.5L, 120 Volt, 500 Watts

  • TPS051GT8-000     -   80°F (27C) / 100°F (38C)
  • TPS051GT10-000   -   100°F (38C) / 120°F (49C)
  • TPS051GT12-000   -   120°F (49C) / 140°F (60C)
  • TPS052GT8-000     -   80°F (27C) / 100°F (38C)
  • TPS052GT10-000   -   100°F (38C) / 120°F (49C)
  • TPS052GT12-000   -   120°F (49C) / 140°F (60C)
  • TPS057GT10-000   -   100°F (38C) / 120°F (49C)

If you do not see the model needed, please call us at (305)592-6800.

Specifications may vary. Confirm full specs prior to ordering.

Manufacturer: Hotstart
Type: Coolant Heater
Voltage: 120 VAC
Wattage: 500
Number of Phases: 1
Amps: 4.2
Thermostat Range: 80°F (27C) 100°F (38C)
Optional Equipment: Adapters
Mechanical Connection: 5/8" ID Hosebarb


Hotstart heaters from Americas Generators are the perfect solution for all of your engine heating requirements.  They are designed and manufactured as engine pre-heaters which improve the reliability of generators engines, gas compression equipment, and all other heavy duty machinery and engines.

Preheating the engines and hydraulic systems ensures that your equipment will deliver immediate full power on demand, even in the most severe conditions.  Whether it’s coolant, lube oil, hydraulic oil, fuel or battery warming, Hotstart designs and manufactures engine heating products that meet exact engine specifications and unique equipment requirements.

If you do not see the model needed, please call us at (305)592-6800.

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