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400 Amp Thomson Automatic Transfer Switch - 3 Pole
400 Amp Thomson Automatic Transfer Switch - 3 Pole400 Amp Thomson Automatic Transfer Switch - 3 Pole

400 Amp Thomson Automatic Transfer Switch - 3 Pole

SKU: ATS-TR400-3 Pole

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400 Amp Transfer Switch

Model - Thomson

3 Pole - 4 Wire - 120/208 3 Phase 

(480 Not available in this model)

Optional NEMA 3R Door Kit for an additional:  $285.00

Thompson transfer switches make use of a microprocessor based controller and a power contactor switching unit to automatically start a generator and transfer system load to the generator power supply, when a utility supply failure occurs.  Upon restoration of the utility power the automatic transfer switch will revert to the normal power supply. 

These switches are built for residential and light commercial applications.

Service Entrance Rated - Available for an additional: $2415.00

Power Contactor Switching Unit

  • Continuous current ratings for use with all load types
  • Works with copper and aluminum power cable connections

Solenoid Operated Transfer Mechanism

  • Fast operation allows in-phase power transfer
  • Electrical and mechanical interlocked mechanism prevents simultaneous closure of utility and generator sources

Superior Serviceability

  • Plug-in control devices allow easy field serviceability
  • Enclosed power contacts for sage operation and maintenance

Control Features

  • User programmable timers, simple LED interface
  • Outputs for Automatic Load Shed & Remote Alarming

Product Data

  • Rust resistant aluminum enclosures (NEMA 3R Optional)

  • Withstand short circuit current ratings up to 50kVA

Quality Assurance

  • ISO 9001 Registered Manufacturing Facilities

Safety Standards

  • UL 1008 Listed, Automatic Transfer Switches for use in optional standby systems

Specifications may vary. Confirm full specs prior to ordering.

1 Year / 1,000 Hour Limited Warranty(Whichever comes first)
Normal Operation Status LED Lights
Diagnostic LEDs: System OK, Alarm, Wait For Transfer, Diagnostic
USB Port Factory Programming/Diagnostic
Single Phase and Three Phase Voltage sensing on Utility & Generator
Generator AC frequency sensing
Utility under voltage control set point 70% dropout (fixed)
Engine cool down timer (Selectable 60, 120, 300 sec)
Integrated Programmable Generator Exercise Timer
Dimensions - 45 1/8” x 24 7/8” x 11” (HxWxD)


Thomson Technology was formed in 1973 and is now one of the leading manufacturers of electrical products and systems for use in the Power Generation Industry. Thomson specializes in the design and manufacturing of power generation controls and switchgear for low and medium voltage applications. These transfer switches are needed for individuals who wish to use an electric generator as a source of backup power for a home or business. The switch safely switches the power source from the commercial power supply company to the local generator.

Transfer switches are the only recognized safe alternative for connecting an electrical load to the generator for an entire house or business. With hundreds of Transfer Switches in stock, Americas Generators can provide the ideal switch with your diesel generator purchase.

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The Triton solution is more than the industry's highest quality generators.  It's a complete package that includes fuel tanks, compatible switches, trailers and other accessories.  That is how our business helps power your business.

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